ST. LOUIS — Mr. Fresh is a car air freshener and deodorizer company created by 11-year-old incredible kid entrepreneur Joshua Danrich (A.K.A. Mr. Fresh).
Danrich wanted to own a sports car dealership at the age of 10. That enthusiasm and love for cars led him to selling air fresheners and deodorizers. He says he wants to start there and move his way up to someday owning his own dealership. His mother, Shay Danrich (A.K.A. “Mama Fresh”), is supporting him every step of the way.
Danrich’s story is inspiring for all ages. He is an inspirational speaker, and he plans to do more speaking engagements to encourage others. He wants to show others how to become entrepreneurs and succeed at whatever they put their minds to.
As for his future goals, he plans to add car accessories and more scents. To support this 11-year-old doing positive things with so many positive people, visit his Mr. Fresh Website where you can purchase his fragrances online.