A St. Louis kid is working to make life “fresher” across the region


KMOV Featuring Mr Fresh

Joshua Danrich, 11, is the CEO and owner of his own company Mr. Fresh.

At the age of 10, Joshua’s love for cars grew, so much that he wanted to own a car dealership, until his mother told him no.

“So now I work my way from the bottom to the top,” said Danrich.

He doesn’t take no for an answer, so he decided to make air fresheners for cars and homes. He said the goal is to make sure everyone is fresh in more ways than one. His company has six fragrances.

“I got to them and tell them what types of scents I want,” he said. “Yellow rose, black ice, cool breeze, jasmine, baby powder and vanilla. I really love my business and I want to inspire other people that they can do what I can do.”

Danrich attends Lafayette Preparatory Academy and said his friends like his business and give him some advice. He’s inspired them too.

“Five-10 years from now I will already want to have my own car dealership,” he said. “Never give up, do what you need to do, just always have the support. The sky is not the limit, it’s just a view.”

Danrich wants to spread positivity one scent at a time.

“Our mission is to promote emotional, mental, physical and financial maturity and self-esteem in boys. what makes mister fresh stand out? I put my heart and sound in my business and my scents last for days,” said Joshua.

You can purchase some of Mr. Fresh’s fragrances online, To contact Danrich directly you can also call 314-768-0358 or email reachmrfresh@gmail.com.