ST. LOUIS – In a world where the price of college tripled and the amount of debt is crippling a generation, there are some early preparations in this Lafayette Prep 5th grade class.

Meet Joshua Danrich, a budding entrepreneur.

“My biggest inspiration is Oprah. Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry,” said Joshua Danrich.

While fortune may be the apple of any boy’s eye at this age, for Josh there’s a love of fast cars and the need for speed.

“Bugatti, Maserati’s, Mercedes, Corvettes, McLaren’s.”

To get a head start on learning the value of a dollar, he works selling car air fresheners and deodorizers.

But what’s surprising, the 11-year-old you see selling the products isn’t in the passenger seat of this business model, he’s the owner.

Though the company’s logo may bear a cartoonish depiction of himself, Josh prefers another name, Mr. Fresh.

“I like my hair; I like my kicks and I like my air fresheners to spray in your car.”

But Fresh is not just the company’s name, it holds a deeper meaning.

“Fresh stands for Faith to Rescue Every Son from Hurt. So, people that are hurting and need help. I will help them too.”

Mr. Fresh may appear to be living life in the fast lane, but it all came to a screeching halt just a year ago.

“He had begun to struggle in school for years and in the 4th grade, actually he had to repeat the 4th grade and that was a devastating blow for him,” said Shay, Josh’s mother.

Full of resentment, his mother, Shay, started questioning herself.

“It affected me as well as a parent to think what I could’ve done more.”

So, they packaged up their emotions and put them inside of a bottle with a business and a mission in mind.

“I wanted to teach other people that if I can do it, so can you. I wanted to tell them if I can have a business, you can have a business,” said Josh.

Mr. and mama fresh are on their mark to share a new scent to leave the fragrance of everlasting inspiration.