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Who is Mr. Fresh?


“The Dynamic Duo” 

Joshua Danrich (a.k.a. Mr. Fresh™) and his “Mom-ager” Shay Danrich (a.k.a. Mama Fresh™)  

At the age of 10, Joshua took his life long love for all things automotive to the next level by launching Mr. Fresh™ – A line of fine mist fragrances that eliminate odors found in both vehicles and homes.

Joshua is next in the league of KIDPRENEURS with Big Ideas, ready to take on the world of business! He came to his mother with his dream to own a luxury sports car dealership. Mama Fresh wanted to nuture his ambition, so together they brewed up a business plan to make all cars smell brand new! 

What We Do: 

Our products eliminate odors found in both vehicles and homes, allowing everyone to “Be Fresh Now.”

Why We Do It: 

In addition to making the world as fresh as possible, Mr. Fresh has a larger mission. In fact, FRESH is an acronym standing for:

(F)aith to (R)escue (E)very (S)on from (H)urt

Our mission is to use this platform to promote emotional, mental, physical, and financial maturity, as well as self-esteem and self-confidence in African American boys.


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What we Do

Air Fresheners, Deodorizers and other inventions.

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